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28 Sep 2017

James Dyson marketed the first bagless broom vacuum cleaner in the Japanese market under the name G-force. But this vacuum was not yet named. James Dyson conquered the United Kingdom with the DC01, the first bagless hardwood floor vacuum bearing his name and benefiting from the Dual Cyclone technology.

The bagless vacuum cleaner has some interesting advantages for the household compared to the bagless sled vacuum cleaner:

·         The broomless vacuum cleaner does not need to be prepared as it is always ready to use. Also do not bother to unplug and re-plug in each room. This also limits the risk of getting the wire in the wheels.

·         No need to bend down to do the housework, or to pull behind you, like on...

12 Sep 2017

Democratization of the invention of the vacuum cleaner without bag is due to the British engineer and inventor Sir James Dyson. Among other things, it has enabled several households to benefit from high-quality products with prices that are accessible to all.

Since then, several models of bagless vacuums have appeared, under the Dyson brand, but also under other manufacturers. There are different types tailored to your needs. You just have to choose from the bagless vacuum cleaners that are currently available in the market.

The mono-cyclonic technology uses centrifugal force to separate dust from the air. Thanks to their mass, they will stick on the walls and then fall back into a tank. (best vacuum for hard floors)

12 Sep 2017

A vacuum cleaner test is one of the most important issues in the household: namely, that it is clean. But what exactly do you want to clean: Smooth, hard or water-repellent flooring? Furniture, walls - maybe even the windows? There are different types of vacuum cleaners. And for the most important purpose, the floor in the living area, the manufacturers also offer quite different construction methods.

In order to gain an overview and buy the right vacuum cleaner, we will, depending on the category, present actual winners from a corresponding test directly opposite other popular or interesting models(hardwood floor vacuum) of the same type. So you can easily decide which features you particularly like and which you should...

06 Sep 2017

For more than 10 years now, there are also fully auto- matic suction robots, which are becoming increasingly popular in the recent past. Although the current models can not yet completely replace a vacuum cleaner, they can make a considerable relief in everyday life. Especially on hard floors and short carpets, they can ensure a certain basic cleaning by means of a regular use, so that you only have to manually suck the corners and some other problem zones manually. The most expensive devices can be programmed for specific times and weekdays, to which they then move out alone and return to the charging station after the work has been completed. Then they wait for the next assignment and are here partly even emptied...

31 Aug 2017

Test takers from the renowned test institutes have, of course, already demonstrated their above-average sucking result characteristics "with letter and seal". But they are not the right solution for everyone. For example, in the magazine "test" the purchase price does not play any role in the evaluation. It may be that the relationship between price and performance would tend to refer to a different model, which in the same comparison, from its pure product properties, only landed in one of the places.

Therefore, in addition to, or only exclusively, what is most important to you personally. We compare the technical characteristics of the winners from test magazines with other models. For more choice and transparency.